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Get your junk on!

Daddys Junky Music (get your music junk on!)
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This is a community for music fans of any genre. Here you can discuss anything to do with music (obviously) and post misheard lyrics, parodies, reviews of gigs and albums, recommendations of new bands, mixtape playlists, etc. Here are the Rules:

1. Respect others opinions, even if you do not personally agree, constructive criticism is allowed.
2. Please do not post things not related to the community
3. Do not spam
4. Any abuse towards the community and other members will result in being banned
5. Get your junk on!
Feel free to message me on more interests, the list is very basic at the moment. The unusual name is from a strange store my sister spotted on the Maine motorway - the name has stuck ever since. ANYONE IS ALLLOWED TO POST NEW TOPICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have 3 moderators:
-Moi (allmappedout)
There are NO APLICATIONS on this community if you're new simply tell us a bit about yourself if you want.