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February 15th, 2006

12:16 pm
Hi! No one's updated in a while so I thought I would post with a few presents that  user:  thistimeofnight and I uploaded last night for community: sharemusic.

Arcade Fire - Age of Consent http://s61.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0MJDSQE45M41C0HJP8LP6KBJ15

Kings of Convenience - Homesick http://s22.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=18OJH4EADGKIP1EVVVO42LAAY7

The Fall - The Classical http://s22.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0NART65I3JD7E1SIX7F78GQX9I 


Oh and I'm attempting to make a sleep mix at the moment to cure my insomnia so if you have any suggestions of mellow/relaxing music I would love to hear them! (I realise I may of asked some people this already). I already have Nick Drake, Air and Kevin Shields on there.

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December 22nd, 2005

01:53 pm - KEIKAKU.NET
For those of you who have an interest in Japanese music (and I know there are one or two of you in the audience), have a look at Keikaku.net for band profiles, album reviews, and recommended artists.

I'm on the staff, so I am somewhat biased, but it's definitely worth checking out!

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December 2nd, 2005

07:07 pm
The tracklisting for my second annual Best Of 2005 CD:

CD 1
1: Brakes - Heard About Your Band
2: Cut Copy - Saturdays
3: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice
4: The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno
5: The Decemberists - Eli The Barrow Boy
6: The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
7: Stars - Soft Revolution
8: Rogue Wave - Bird On A Wire
9: Architecture In Helsinki - Wishbone
10: Devendra Banhart - Hey Mama Wolf
11: Bright Eyes - Hit The Switch
12: Spoon - Sister Jack
13: LCD Soundsystem - Movement
14: Nada Surf - Concrete Bed
15: John Vanderslice - Trance Manual
16: The National - Abel
17: The Mountain Goats - This Year

CD 2
1: Explosions In The Sky - Day Six
2: Broken Social Scene - Superconnected
3: Boards Of Canada - Peacock Tail
4: DFA1979 - Blood On Our Hands
5: Four Tet - And Then Patterns
6: Mew - The Zookeeper’s Boy
7: Wolf Parade - Shine A Light
8: M83 - Teen Angst
9: My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus
10: 13&God - Men Of Station
11: Sufjan Stevens - The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us!
12: Sigur Rós - Glósóli
13: Mogwai - New Paths To Helicon Pt.1 (Peel Session)

If anyone wants a copy, let me know and I'll send one to you.

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November 18th, 2005

02:21 pm - It's that time of year again... Best of 2005!
Wakey Wakey.

I just filled out this meme over on a forum and I'd like you to do the same! It'll give us a good idea of you favourite (and least favourite) music of 2005:

What are best Albums of 2005?
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree
The Decemberists - Picaresque

The best singles?
Sigur Ros - Glosoli
Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)
Stars - Ageless Beauty

Best live performance you have witnessed?
Arcade Fire at Reading
Explosions In The Sky in Brighton
The Decemberists in London

Best solo artists?
Sufjan Stevens

Best compilations?
My Best Of 2005 double CD, which I'm compiling right now

Best Festivals?

Worst bands?
My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy et al
The Others, The Paddingtons et al
James Blunt, Katie Melua et al
Current Music: Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

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September 15th, 2005

04:31 pm - Just incase anyone's interested...

It recommends music based on your favourite bands.
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September 11th, 2005

01:13 am - Mercury Music Prize

Any thoughts on the Mercury music prize? I didn't like Seth Lakeman, I personally didn't think that 'Kitty Jay' was particularly innovative but that's just my personal opinion. But I enjoyed the performances from The Go! Team and Bloc Party.

PS off topic but has anyone else heard of Cocorosie?


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Current Music: Stellastarr*-The Diver

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September 7th, 2005

11:09 pm - Belated Post
Greetings everyone, sorry it's been so long but as you can tell the community has kind of been on a hiatus period. Unfortunatly the mixed cd distribution has not worked out like I would have hoped - but we can maybe still make it work so get mixing and reviewing!

So how was everyone's summer been? Are there any gigs and/or festivals that you've been to? Any decent albums, new band recommendations for the communtiy please post if you do, hopefully we can get this community up and running again. :D

Thankyou, Rachael
Current Mood: awakeawake

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July 12th, 2005

12:30 pm

I recently received a very cool mix CD from </span></a>jasmineemily, so here's my review (I'll use the style that Rachel did for her review). </span>

track by trackCollapse )

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July 1st, 2005

11:01 am
While the mixes are being made/distributed and reviewed I thought I would post something to the community. So how do most of you discover new music? Through the media, word of mouth, gigs? And what do people think of the music press? Generally I believe music magazines have interesting articles and are useful as buying guides but are taken far to seriously. I also think its ridiculous how magazines such as Q are mainly made up of lists such as the 100 guitar solos of all time.
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June 23rd, 2005

10:32 pm
Don't let the CD mix club thing die! I'd really love to read some more reviews.

Also, if anyone (like me) thought that the last Polyphonic Spree album was a bit rubbish, try Architecture In Helsinki, a strange band from Australia that play weird but really catchy pop music. Seriously recommended.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Architecture In Helsinki - It'5

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